Sunday, December 16, 2012

Facts, advice and intuition

October, November and December.  Fall to Winter.  One of my favorite seasons if not the most favorite.   Between a stop in El Paso, back to school in South Carolina, and then the Thanksgiving holiday in Philadelphia, the past three months have been filled with thinking traveling and absorbing.   Today's post is when you need to satisfy your self, your soul, and your life - all at the same time.  The power of intuition.  

In other words, when you are at a crossroads with where to take your life, how do you make a decision?

Facts and their sources are numerous.  Trusted people, websites, traditions.    They guide our lives and our decisions.  Maybe sometimes too much.  Who do you believe and why do you believe it?  Trust, trust, trust.  But how do we gain trust?  Through positive repeated experience for certain.  As the old saying goes, good judgment comes from experience.  Unfortunately, the experience came from bad judgment.  So true, so true.  

In terms of advice, it can come from anywhere.  These days you hear it, read it or live it.  We spend enormous amounts of time texting, facebooking and twittering.  More times than not, we are reading, assimilating and judging based on social media.  Our ways to connect have went up exponentially but we spend less time actually communicating face to face.  

Our intuition is a bit harder to gauge.  It’s that internal compass.  It’s that gut feeling.  It’s always part of that voice inside.  Sometimes it is right on the mark.  Sometimes maybe not so much.  But it really depends on the person, situation and timing.  So how do know what the heck to do with the voice that never quits talking to you?

A few thoughts on how to manage all of this torment:

1. Facts and advice are pieces of information that you decide the validity, significance and impact.  

2. Your intuition shapes your self.  Don’t ignore it.

3. Both are equally important to what you do and when you do it.

4. Fight like hell for what you want, but don’t be afraid to change the plan if that voice inside you is screaming for a change.

5. Don’t have regrets.  Yeah, right.  That sounds easy.  It’s not.   Don't look back and painfully look at what could have been, could be or might be.  Go forward.  

As this Fall comes to a close, it's worth repeating:

Facts, advice and intuition are all important.  

Listen to your voice.  

And always be going forward.  Always.  

Have faith that things will fall into place.  

No regrets.  Ever.

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