Sunday, September 9, 2012

Maleyna Moriel: El Paso Youth Handball Star

El Paso Youth Handball has many stars and Maleyna Moriel is one of them.  Wellinspired has a chance to interview her.  She is an accomplished handball and softball player, as well as aspiring physical therapist.

Wellinspired (WI): How old are you / where were you born? 
Maleyna Moriel (MM):  I'm 18 I was born and raised in El Paso, Texas!

WI: How many siblings? 
MM: I have 5 sisters and 2 brothers

WI: Wow!  How tall? 
MM: 5'7

WI: Why do you play handball? 
MM: I play handball because it's a good sport, keeps me in shape and I meet a lot of people and create new friends

WI: How many championships? Singles and/or doubles? 
MM: I have gotten first place in the Yes-2-Kids and 2nd place twice at the U.S. Handball Nationals. Sportsmanship award from the U.S. Army Ft. Bliss Shootout and 2nd place twice in a row there.

WI: When you are having a bad day on or off the court, what do you tell yourself? 
MM: When I'm on the court and if I'm having a bad day I always tell myself that I'm going to leave it out all on the court. When I'm having a bad day off the court, I always try to go on with my day no matter because I wouldn't want anything to slow me down.

WI: Who are your role models and why? 
MM: One of my main role models would be my mom because we come from such a big family and she owns her own company so I know it's not easy. But yet she still manages to keep the family close, raise us right and still put food on the table.

WI: What are your handball goals? 
MM: My handball goals are to always be better then what I can be and to try to make it so I can play with the pros.

WI: You said you want to study physical therapy -- why? 
MM: I want to study physical therapy because I'm very interested in learning about the body and also becoming a trainer to all athletes and to hopefully become a trainer for the pro sports.

WI: Favorite food? 
MM: Mexican food

WI: Favorite number? 
MM: 12

WI: Favorite color? 
MM: Blue

WI: What languages do you speak? 
MM: Spanish /English 

WI: What inspires you in your life? 
MM: Family and friends

WI: What part of el paso do you most like? 
MM: Mountains

WI: Anything else you want us to know about you? 
MM: I play basketball and softball for about 9 years I fell in love with the sports im a catcher for softball and i was a post player for basketball, I love to stay active, meet new people, and I always try to accomplish something new.

WI: Thank you Maleyna and keep striving in academics, athletics and life!  Good luck!